ALUR Walls

ALUR Walls

A Division of Workplace Resource

ALUR glass and modular dividing walls are helping reshape the workplace of the future. Senior managers everywhere have typically celebrated the “private office.” Soon after moving in, though, there is a realization that their space feels cut off. The four walls, meant to provide privacy, end up creating a barrier that feels cramped and restricts contact with other colleagues.

Fortune®, The Wall Street Journal®, and others have given their take on the “Workplace of the Future.” All of them agree that the workplace will look and feel differently in some key ways:

  • Glass walls for offices and conference rooms
  • More natural light transmission
  • More efficient use of space
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Public collaborative areas
  • Private concentration and contemplation areas
  • Dividing walls with low noise transmission
  • Improved sound masking
  • Modular power/voice/data

The Benefits

The benefits are undeniable: better communication, an environment of fostered collaboration, more natural light, and expansive outdoor views throughout the office. Many employees say the light and openness improve their mood. Additionally, movable glass and modular dividing walls represent huge energy and real estate cost savings.

Striking the Perfect Balance

ALUR Architectural Products make it possible for office designers to strike the perfect balance between “public places and private spaces.” Movable glass walls allow natural light to enter the space, while high STC rated walls and sound masking helps ensure audible privacy. ALUR glass walls can accommodate a variety of frosted, patterned, and graphic window films that help create visual privacy where needed. This flexibility enables creation of separate work zones for concentration and collaboration.