How Ergonomic is Your Office Furniture?

When it comes to creating healthy, happy workplaces, no one understands the value of ergonomics better than Encore Services.

Encore Services understands the importance of ergonomic “fit” in the workplace. From the moment Encore Services engages with you, we’re analyzing your ergonomic workflow needs, functions, fit, and potential risk factors. Our Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialists (CEAS) keep your ergonomic needs in mind every step of the way.

Studies show that worker compensation claims for muscular skeletal disorders average over $20,000 per occurrence. Our ergonomics assessment program works to ensure that your workplace products and environments are promoting maximum health, comfort, and productivity for your employees. Research has proven that companies with an ergonomic program can realize up to a 61% decrease in injury rates and a 30% decrease in injury severity.

If you want to optimize your workplace productivity and minimize the risk of injury, we can visit your workplace to conduct an individual workstation assessment or full organizational assessment as well as train your employees on proper use and posture adjustments.

“As Facility Manager for Catholic Health Initiatives, I wear many hats. One of my duties is to ensure employee health and safety. It has been a struggle to keep up with ergonomic assessments for our organization for years and I have finally turned to Workplace Resource for assistance. Workplace Resource introduced me to Encore Services several months ago and a huge weight was lifted.
Catherine Hall has been addressing our needs with the professionalism, care, and great empathy I always want to provide to our staff. Everyone she comes into contact with has been impressed with her attention to their needs. Catherine submits a comprehensive assessment document to me within a few days of the review. I appreciate the summary she includes at the top of her documentation so that I can easily review the assessment and quickly coordinate purchasing and other needs.
“I am so confident with Catherine’s work that I quickly began putting her into direct contact with the staff in need of the assessment. I would recommend Encore Services to anyone.” — Myra, Facility/Office Manager, Catholic Health Initiatives