Office Furniture Reconfiguring Can Go a Long Way

Office Furniture Reconfiguring Can Go a Long Way

Encore Services provides office furniture reconfiguration services in Denver and throughout Colorado’s Front Range.

Whether you need a little more space, a little less space, or a new workplace arrangement, a little reconfiguration can go a long way in helping you leverage your existing furniture investment to accommodate new layout and space needs.

Our certified professionals, experienced in all manufacturers’ products, will assess your unique needs and provide creative and strategic solutions that meet your goals, deadlines, and budget. As with any design effort, we will use state-of-the art technology to assist clients in visualizing their space before it is altered and manage all of the details from beginning to end.

In addition to helping you reconfigure your space, we’ll also help inventory your existing furniture, provide a list of products for re-use, identify any new products needed, and make available storage or disposal options.

We’ll help you explore all of the possibilities to refresh your workspace while leveraging your existing investments in newer, smarter ways.