Our Team

The mosaic that is Workplace Resource.

We are one big, beautiful picture made up of 85 wonderfully individual and wildly talented portraits. Workplace Resource is a place of people collaborating, innovating, creating, and doing for you, and for each other. Every picture has its own unique story. Each member of our team has a passion for this work, a stellar reputation in this business, and a cherished place in this organization.

Working together — focused on you.


At Workplace Resource, we start by leaning in to listen and stepping back to take in the larger view.

  • Carla Dore

    Carla Dore President and CEO LinkedIn

  • Rick Golden

    Rick Golden Vice President, Customer Engagement LinkedIn

  • Rachel Clark

    Rachel Clark Vice President, Customer Fulfillment LinkedIn

  • Tim Van Iddekinge

    Tim Van Iddekinge Vice President, Finance LinkedIn

Marketing & Sales

We're here to learn and understand everything we can about your needs and wants.

Client Services

Our customer-centric DNA permeates our every interaction.

  • Carol Carvajal

    Carol Carvajal

  • Savannah Ekengren

    Savannah Ekengren

  • Kathy Freiburghaus

    Kathy Freiburghaus

  • Emily Keppel

    Emily Keppel

  • Chelsea Lewis

    Chelsea Lewis

  • Margaux Lips

    Margaux Lips

  • Theresa Logan

    Theresa Logan

  • Drew Lollar

    Drew Lollar

  • Shannon Meredith

    Shannon Meredith

  • Chanel Michelsen

    Chanel Michelsen

  • Angela Pastor

    Angela Pastor

  • Darcy Smith

    Darcy Smith

  • AJ Taylor

    AJ Taylor

  • Cynthia Utsey

    Cynthia Utsey


We approach your workplace environment with an "all-in" attitude — we cover the full spectrum of possibilities and the entire breadth of potential.

  • Alexis Mitchell

    Alexis Mitchell

  • Liz Marshall

    Liz Marshall

  • Colleen Bock

    Colleen Bock

  • Kris Currence

    Kris Currence

  • Rebecca Costakis

    Rebecca Costakis

  • Kelsey Brock

    Kelsey Brock

  • Emily Doherty

    Emily Doherty

  • Jessica McCann

    Jessica McCann

  • Kirstin Klipp

    Kirstin Klipp

Project Management

We do exactly what we say we'll do and often more.

  • Penelope Bankowski

    Penelope Bankowski

  • BJ Roberts

    BJ Roberts

  • Steve Sharbo

    Steve Sharbo

  • Rick Anunson

    Rick Anunson

  • Matthew Gallegos

    Matthew Gallegos

  • Jeff Gallagher

    Jeff Gallagher

Operations & Administration

Our process, products, and people revolve around you and your objectives.

  • Kate Kelly

    Kate Kelly

  • Marianne Dunham

    Marianne Dunham

  • Frank Leto

    Frank Leto

  • Mark Maxson

    Mark Maxson

Herman Miller Team

  • Carie Mueller

    Carie Mueller

  • Jennifer Adams

    Jennifer Adams

  • Jill Gieseman

    Jill Gieseman

  • Kacy Jones

    Kacy Jones

  • Katie Cavallo

    Katie Cavallo

  • Morgan Adrian

    Morgan Adrian

  • Pilar Schuman

    Pilar Schuman