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Taiga, Biome's leading product, is a wall or freestanding product that focuses on improving the air around you. Through embedded fans, activated carbon filters and micro-organisms, Taiga filters and destroys indoor air pollution. It removes 200x more indoor air pollution than static green walls and exponentially more than moss walls.

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Taiga Portrait & Taiga Tower

Choose between a freestanding application that can double as a white board on one side, or a wall hung version. Both products only require a plug and someone to fill the water tank!

Do you have a dark space? Don't worry - Both products have light options to keep your plants alive and well. Plants also come with a two month warranty for peace of mind.


Make it Smart

Join the monthly subscription to have your system monitor and share environmental data on your space.

Taiga monitors CO2, TVOC's, PM, Temperature, %RH, Lux, and Db.

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