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  • WR honored as one of DBJ's “Best Places to Work” for 2023

WR honored as one of DBJ's “Best Places to Work” for 2023

WR earns 98% overall score in Large Companies category.

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Does workplace culture factor into why employees choose to stay long-term in their current positions? Or why job seekers in the market for a new career path consider working for a new firm? Absolutely.

That’s why our team at Workplace Resource was proud when we learned the company had been named one of Denver’s “Best Places to Work” by the Denver Business Journal. We competed in the Large Company category during the 28th Annual awards.

It’s expected that by 2027 over one-quarter of the world’s jobs will be held by Generation Z workers — those born between 1997 and 2012. And nearly 50% of those same Gen Z workers say they’ve made career path choices — and even selected employers — based on a company’s values.

Today, the team at Workplace Resource — Colorado’s leading innovator of creative interior solutions — is already comprised of over 20% Gen Z workers. And the number is growing. Every day our people are the driving force behind creating spaces that matter for other companies. Which is why we’ve been delicately reshaping the culture in our own workplace environments.

“This is more of an environment of encouraging people to find their voice — and use their voice — to make the company better, and there aren’t a lot of roadblocks in order to do that.” - Rachel Clark, COO

The average person will spend over 90,000 hours — nearly one-third of their lives — at work. In fact, most people spend more time with co-workers than they do with their families. So, we believe it’s crucial to offer people a work environment that inspires them while supporting their mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

To that end we’ve been making substantial commitments to our people — one of three key pillars in our Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) program. We've been practicing these ESG initiatives for several years — before some of us were even aware of what ESG was. These practices have been a part of every aspect of the business and culture of WR, all to make the work around us a better place to live and work. And ESG has become a guiding force in helping us improve the lives of everyone at Workplace Resource.

In just a short time we’ve been able to make dramatic changes at WR. We’ve become more of an environment of equity and opportunity for everyone. That means we advocate for an inclusive, safe workplace that supports an individual’s well-being and mental health, models fairness and respect, and nurtures value and belonging. And it means we’re committed to:

  • Pay equity and a living wage
  • Recruit, hire, and promote employees in ways that mirror our local demographics
  • Increase access to and advocate for mental health resources
  • Cultivate and promote well-being in our workplace
  • Promote well-being in all other local work environments
“Certainly in the diversity category, we're now an organization that looks much more like the community around us than when I started.” - Jack Nespor, Accounting Manager
“When I wake up in the morning I just know that I get to go to a workplace that's healthy and positive and I can't say that for a lot of the companies I've worked with previously. So the fact that I get to come in and see the same people and be comfortable around them and be my authentic self — it's just been a great experience.” - Jocelyn Hernandez, People & Culture Lead

These core principles are the reasons why our Gen Z workers — and, in fact, workers of all age groups and genders — feel valued and appreciated at Workplace Resource. And, why we scored over 90% in categories like “Benefits” and “Employee Engagement” in the DBJ “Best Places to Work” competition.

It’s also the reason “fun” was the word our employees most used to describe our environment. Which means we’ve been successful in creating a culture where people enjoy working. A place where they’re driven to succeed today. And excited to grow their careers in the future.

That’s a key reason why, we believe, that the DBJ “Best Places to Work” survey showed that people of all genders and age groups — not just the Gen Z employees — report feeling valued and recognized.

What else did our employees say about their experience at Workplace Resource? Here are a few of the 160 comments they made:

“This is the only place I have ever enjoyed working.”
“I feel valued and heard at this organization.”
“Leadership truly cares about me and the people who work here.”
“Everyone is accepting of others, willing to pick each other up, motivate one another…”

Comments like these are something we truly take pride in at Workplace Resource.

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