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WR ushers in a new era at Starz HQ

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It’s always a treat to work with brands you have a real personal connection with, and in this case, we got to collaborate with a true household name. Starz has been a staple of the entertainment scene since the early 90’s, and they’ve called Englewood home for the past 20 years. That being said, this move to their new headquarters in Greenwood Village is one that’s worthy of rolling out the red carpet.

400+ employees are headed to the new space, which spans 3 floors, has 78 private offices, 300 workstations, cafes, lounges, and yes — a full-blown fitness center.

Did you notice we didn’t mention any cubicles?

That’s because this new floor plan was designed with hybrid lifestyles in mind. No more silos. No lack of inspiration. This isn’t an office, it’s an invitation to collaborate. And we’re here to help them do it.

“Workplace Resources thrives on a delivery approach of excellent service from the early design phase through installation and, most importantly, servicing the client through the operation and warranty phases.”
Kevin Terrien – Principal, Ruut Consulting

There were definitely a couple challenges we set out to overcome with such a special project. We needed to maintain a serious level of security in a shared building, especially when it came to their servers and data. There was also the fact that Starz’ team is so diverse (and big), we needed to plan for the needs of every department — from audio-visual to closed captioning and beyond.

This was also an opportunity for our Encore Services division to shine. They exist to make sure that no matter how our clients’ needs change, they have a partner to help them navigate any ongoing pivots or evolutions. They were introduced early on in our partnership, and have done quite a bit of (literal) heavy lifting. There are 9 floors of equipment that need to be moved to the new HQ, and we’re making sure it all arrives safe and sound. Once they’re all set up, the Encore Services team will be by their side for any additional support. From moving services, to power & data needs, cleaning and sterilization, and beyond.


Such a big shift can feel a little uncertain at times, especially when their team has grown so familiar with their previous space over such a long period. That’s why we needed to make sure every last detail of this space catered to the creativity and collaboration they were looking to highlight.

With the help of Gensler, our architecture and design partner, and the whole WR design team, we’ve helped them reimagine what it means to be a Starz team member. They’re prioritizing mental health with hybrid work weeks, and implementing technology throughout that makes connecting with remote team members a seamless experience. They’ve created a space that invites fresh perspectives and fosters tight knit teams. They’re championing physical wellness with the inclusion of a high-end fitness center, because a little movement goes a long way during your 9 to 5.

If there was ever a case study in how to work in lockstep with your partner and bring a big idea to life, this project with Starz would be it. But maybe we’re biased, because as movie buffs, we wanted to make sure the people who’ve brought so many to our homes over the years were set up for a comfortable stay in theirs.

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