Framery is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of soundproof private spaces and pods that enable and reinforce happiness in workplaces. Framery was founded in 2010, and its innovative products solve for noise and privacy issues in offices.

The best pod on the market. Says who?

Our materials are carefully selected to ensure reliable sound insulation. We worked for years to make the lighting and air ventilation system function reliably, no matter how much it is used. Our pods have won numerous awards and we have delivered over 11,000 pods to over 60 countries.

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It’s not just a pod. It’s a way to revolutionize work culture.

Our pods are making everyday office life happier by providing a place where people can concentrate and work more efficiently. But that’s just the beginning. Many of our clients are describing how Framery pods are changing their entire work culture.

The pod is a place where people automatically go to brainstorm, write or ideate with a colleague. Noise is reduced, and work becomes more efficient. Happier.

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