Beacon Capital 1700 Broadway

Denver, CO

Beacon Capital 1700 Broadway 35a

Beacon Capital 1700 Broadway – curating a one-of-a-kind lobby and atrium with custom-designed pieces that create a warm, welcoming space.

Project partners – MAWD (Designer) + Abel Design Group (Architect)

Project type
– Commercial

– Denver, CO

Square footage
– 279,000 sq ft (Areas of focus: Atrium + Lobby)

Scope/Design goals
– Beacon Capital Partners worked with us to curate a completely unique space with custom-designed pieces for their lobby and atrium that create a warm, welcoming space for the building tenants. These spaces add value to the building by allowing those who occupy their space to utilize these beautiful amenities.

Service provided
– Furniture

Challenges + Results
– Our team was able to find and source the unique, highly designed pieces that were needed for these spaces. Our extensive depth and breadth of product solutions from our over 250+ manufacturer partners allowed our team to find exactly what was needed to create the beautiful amenity spaces at 1700 Broadway, and to align with the level of high design that Beacon Capital Partners has set as their standard for excellence and is known for. Along with finding the right product solutions, our team had to ensure the products fit their timeline and budget for the project – not a small feat given the logistical circumstances 2021 and 2022 has brought to the industry.We’re grateful for the opportunity to work on this special project, and look forward to future projects as a partner with Beacon Capital Partners.