Jacobs SLC

Jacobs SLC 2022 3

Jacobs SLC – understanding and implementing standards for a new way to work.

Project partners – Jacobs

Project type – Commercial

Location – Salt Lake City, UT

Square footage – ≈9,000 sq ft

Scope/Design goals – We worked with Jacobs in Salt Lake City to implement the Jacobs Future of Work global standards in their workspace.

Service provided – Furniture

Challenges + Results – Our team took the information and research gathered by Jacobs to create their Future of Work global standards, implementing and understanding the client's new way of working, and incorporating this into our process for this project. Along with working with Jacobs on this new shift for their workspaces, our team ensured the products we used to support this project fit with Jacob's timeline – not a small feat given the logistical circumstances 2021 and 2022 has brought to the industry.

We’re grateful for the continued partnership with Jacobs to work on this special project, and look forward to working with them in the future on implementing their Future of Work global standards.