Space Planning and Design

Our product-savvy workplace designers are inspired problem-solvers.

Bringing your space to life.

Whether working direct with our clients or in unison with Interior Designers and Architects, our team of skilled Designers, Ancillary and Solution Specialists will leverage their industry knowledge to develop dynamic, thoughtful, and well-designed spaces that support the needs of your business and well-being of your employees.

Design & Space Planning

Understanding how your space is used is critical in supporting your company’s specific workplace needs. Our designers are adept in seeing the big picture as clearly as the details and work with your team to specify the perfect product for every solution.

CET Designer & Live Design

Detailed deliverables are key to driving good communication and a clear understanding of what’s being proposed. CET Designer, our all-in-one software solution, drives efficiency of design through real-time visualizations and revisions of proposed furnishings in your space.

Ancillary Specialists

Our Ancillary Specialists are dedicated to studying emerging trends in ancillary furniture and work in tandem with our Designers and Salespeople to provide thoughtful direction on specialized pieces that will work within your budget and project timelines.


As business needs change, your furniture and architectural products must change alongside you. Adaptability is key in today’s changing world. Reconfiguring existing furniture is a major cost saving when done correctly, whether you’re considering expanding individual workstations, redesigning collaborative areas, or modifying meeting spaces - our team of designers are ready to guide you through the possibilities your existing space offers

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