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How We Get it Done

How We Get It Done

At Workplace Resource, we believe a physical space can shape the human experience when the built environment, furniture, acoustics, technology and aesthetics work in harmony. We thoughtfully combine these elements with foresight and relentless planning, while being fiscally responsible, providing an insightful journey and seamless execution to our clients. Through this process, we seek to become a trusted partner that evolves with you.

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Design Services

Whether working direct with our clients or in unison with Interior Designers and Architects, our team of skilled Designers, Ancillary, and Solution Specialists will leverage their industry knowledge to develop dynamic, thoughtful, and well-designed spaces that support the needs of your business and well-being of your employees.

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Project Planning | Dedicated Teams

Planning for a successful installation execution begins prior to order entry for any project. It’s crucial Designers and Project Managers collaborate early so product is received in the order the PM plans to install the product. Beyond order entry, your dedicated Project Manager’s purpose is to focus on smooth delivery and install through conducting on-site pre-planning, delivery coordination, installation oversight, and performing final walk-throughs.

Together, with a full team of trained Installation Supervisors, your Project Manager will drive to the ultimate end-goal of delivering your project on time and on budget.

MKPS | Level 5 Last Mile Dealer

MillerKnoll Performance System, or MKPS for short, focuses on lean manufacturing; to make exactly what customers need, cutting waste, and improving quality and safety scores. The system has led to a 99% manufacturing accuracy and 98% on-time deliveries.

MKPS thinking is the basis of MillerKnoll’s dealer program called The Last Mile. MKPS elements can be found throughout Workplace Resources departments and project processes, from planning to specification to installation and punch resolution. Project planning begins during design specifications driving efficient project installation execution with the least amount of waste resulting in cost savings for our customers.

As a Level 5 Last Mile Dealer, Workplace Resources is the first and only dealersnationwide leading in practices dedicated to continuous end to end process improvement driving a targeted end goal of smooth and positive customer experiences.

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Warehouse | Long-term Storage

With over 170,000 sq/ft of racked storage space within 83,000 sq/ft warehouse space, Workplace Resource is fully equipped to manage your long term storage needs with an experienced staff to ensure proper handling and storage of your valuable assets – your workplace furniture or other important content.


Workplace Resource leverages a web-based asset inventory management tool called SnapTracker. SnapTracker can provide end-to-end furniture lifecycle management services in real time by giving you complete visibility into your inventory. Through this portal, reservations can be made, inventory levels can be monitored, and usage reports run helping to inform decisions about inactive inventory to reduce total cost of ownership.

“I was always confident and comfortable when I knew they were the team I was getting for the job.”
How We Get It Done Education Client
“I love working with Workplace Resource. [The Team] always tries to be helpful even when our requests are not always the most reasonable as far as time line. Your team is always helpful and great to deal with! They look for solutions rather than just saying 'sorry, we can't help you' like other vendors too often do.”
How We Get It Done Construction Company Client
“Your service was by far the best and most professional I have ever experienced and I have moved 6 offices.”
How We Get It Done Brokerage Firm Client
“Very good experience with [the team]. [They were] helpful, knowledgable, and very responsive. Excellent customer service, top-notch. I would gladly purchase from [WR] again, and if any of my coworkers are looking to buy Herman Miller, then I will absolutely refer them to you.”
How We Get It Done Satisfied Client
“[WR] knew what [they were] talking about and the quote was spot on compared to the final invoice we received. Plus [they] was an absolute please to work with! The whole crew were all incredibly respectful, polite, and truly wonderful in all regards. All furniture was uninstalled very quickly and the crew did a great job! – we can’t thank them enough!!”
How We Get It Done Financial Consultant Client
“[WR] was wonderful in helping me make my decision on the Aeron chair I purchased. Very knowledgeable and professional!”
How We Get It Done Satisfied Client
“[WR] is so pleasant and helpful. Very happy to work with Workplace Resource.”
How We Get It Done Satisfied Client
“[WR’s] always great to deal with! [They make] every attempt to accommodate our schedule requirements and follow up as [they say they] will, and [they’re] super easy to work with! The install team is always helpful and flexible. They do a great job! [WR] is great!”
How We Get It Done Construction Company Client
“I got a very quick response to my inquiry and it was easy to get payment information sorted out. Very pleasant. Everyone was polite and replied to my questions quickly.”
How We Get It Done Satisfied Client
“Received complete product knowledge that helped guide our decision-making process.”
How We Get It Done Satisfied Client
“[WR] was incredibly helpful, pleasant, and knowledgeable. [My project] went smoothly and [they were] just a delight to work with.”
How We Get It Done Satisfied Client
“I have worked with [WR] on several projects and [they] always does a great job. I am very happy with [their] work. [They are] also very patient and makes sure to take my requests into account as [they] designs the spaces.”
How We Get It Done Higher Education Client
“ when I called to get my Eames chair repaired that has been damaged by movers. [They] got me a repair estimate quickly and arranged to get the repairs done and [were] very pleasant to work with.[WR] came to my home to inspect and disassemble the chair, took the parts for repair, and brought back the repaired pieces, and reassembled the chair. [They] did a great job – the chair is just perfect again! Plus, [they were] also very nice to work with.”
How We Get It Done Satisfied Client
“I love working with [the team]. [WR] is the best and [the team] was spectacular. [Design was] very helpful through the design process. Your company is awesome and I love all of your employees.I love working with [your team]. [They are] very helpful through the design process. Your company is awesome and I love all of your employees.”
How We Get It Done Real Estate Developer Client
“[WR] is extremely knowledgable, friendly, and prompt with input to queries. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with her. I am very pleased with the service; Top notch.”
How We Get It Done Government Client

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