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With a human-centered design approach informed by ongoing research into effective spaces, Herman Miller can help you create an inspiring, efficient place that will help people and your institution achieve their goals.
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Classroom Redesign Results

Institutions that used Herman Miller's research-based approach boosted achievement for both students and faculty.
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Increase in students who feel valued

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Increase in faculty who think collaboration is better with students

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Increase in students who feel equipped to do group work


Results from Herman Miller's Learning Spaces Research Program, a study of over 3,000 students and faculty from leading institutions.

Improve Campus Performance

With our research and insights, continuous improvement can help higher education manage change gracefully.
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Partner with Experience

Benefit from our research-based planning approach and diverse portfolio of products and services.
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Create Research-Based Environments

Plan and outfit a cohesive campus with inspiring environments, all based on research into learning and teaching.
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Spend Smartly on Place

Invest in environments where the furniture, technology, and architecture is aligned an fine-tuned to people's needs.

Enhance the Entire Campus

From classrooms to libraries to dorms and beyond, our solutions improve living and learning across campus.
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Five Decades of Knowledge and Insights

As technology drives advances in teaching and learning, how can colleges and universities create a more tech-friendly campus?

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